Women Friendly Campus

NitteDU is a women-friendly campus. Traditionally, the University has had a strong presence of women in both its student and staff communities. Women are well represented in all programs offered by NitteDU. In 2019, the entry rate of women in the programs of the University ranged from 51% to 100%. Overall, women constitute 67% of the student strength and 72% of the workforce. The University has seen women in senior academic and administrative positions like that of the Registrar, Controller of Examinations, Director Research and Development, Principals and Vice-principals of Constituent colleges and as Department Heads.

The following initiatives of the University ensure that women feel safe and comfortable in its campus:

  1. Safety and security
    1. Round-the clock security. Women guards are part of the University’s security force to assist women students and staff.
    2. Surveillance cameras at key places to act as a deterrent against acts of harassment/violence against women.
  2. Free of cost commute in University Buses and Vans to and from various parts of the city as a safe alternative for public transport.
  3. The women’s hostels have been provided with sanitary pad vending machines and incinerators.
  4. Counselling services for Women students and staff on the campus. The trained counselling staff include women counsellors and Psychiatrists.
  5. Common Rooms in each of the constituent colleges for the exclusive use of women students.
  6. Access to sexual and reproductive health services.
  7. Day-care centre for young children (creche) to provide support for working mothers. This facility is available free of charge. In addition, a Senior Citizens Day-care centre also operates on the campus where dependents of staff can be cared for during working hours.
  8. Maternity support and benefits to employees and students.
  9. Clear policies addressing gender equity, prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment and protection for complainants, whistle blowers and witnesses of acts of misconduct against women / transgenders.

Women Access and Success

Nitte (Deemed to be University) is committed to promoting gender equity and encouraging women’s participation in its programs. The University tracks the entry and success of women students using metrics like application rates, entry rates and completions rates within minimum stipulated time.

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