Board of Management



 Prof.(Dr.) Satheesh Kumar Bhandary



 Prof. Dr. M.S. Moodithaya

 Pro Vice-Chancellor


 Prof. (Dr.) M. Shantharam Shetty


 Nominees from Managing Trust

 Mr. Vishal Hegde


 Mr. Rajendra .M


 Prof. Dr. Mukund S. Kulkarni


 Penn State Harrisburg

 Eminent Academics nominated by the Chancellor

 Prof.(Dr.) Chandrashekar Shetty

 Former Vice-Chancellor, RGUHS, Bangalore

 Prof. Dr. Omid Ansary

 Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,

 Penn State Harrisburg

 Prof. (Dr.) P.S. Prakash

 Dean of Faculty in Medical Sciences

 Deans of Faculty

 Prof. Dr. C.S. Shastry

 Dean of Faculty in Pharmaceutical Sciences

 Prof.(Dr.) Biju Thomas


 A. B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences

 Teachers (From Professors/Associate Professors) by rotation based on seniority

 Prof. Vinod Aranha


 Nitte Institute of Architecture

 Ms. Sunanda. B

 Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences

 One Teacher by rotation of the rank of Assistant Professor

 Prof. Dr. Harsha Halahalli


 Ex-officio Secretary