Research funding

Extramural research grants

  • Government agencies,(ICMR, DBT, DST, DST-SERB,BRNS, DHR, VGST)
  • International agencies (NIH, NAS, BELSPO, JSPS, SIDA, FORMAS, NERC)
  • Malaria Research training in South India -Between Penn State University and Nitte University - NIH
  • Comprehensive Clinical and Genetic Evaluation of Children with Orofacial Clefting for Associated Anomalies - ICMR
  • Understanding the role of certain Herpes viruses & Human Endogenous Retrovirus in Multiple Sclerosis pathogenesis - DBT, Government of India
  • Evaluation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Multiple Sclerosis in South Asian population - MS Society of Great Britain
  • Multicenteric collaborative study on environmental factors in Pediatric MS (IPMSSG) - MSIF, Canadian & US MS centers
  • Effect of Maternal Bidi rolling on fetal growth and pregnancy outcome by serial fetal biometry and serum cotinine assays; Cohort study - ICMR
  • Evaluation of protective activity of Asparagus racemosus root extract and isoprinosine against electron beam radiation induced immunosuppression - BNRS
  • Analysis of pathways to care among patients with schizophrenia in South India (USD 7500/) - NIH Fogarty, Univ of Florida
  • Development of Peer Delivered Psycho Social Intervention Module for women Caregivers of people with HIV/AIDS - RP-ICSSR
  • Fund for improvement of S & T infrastructure in university and higher education institutions - DST-FIST
  • Plastination A method for Preservation of Oral hard and soft tissue biopsy specimens in comparison with the conventional method of preservation with formalin - ICMR
  • Development of novel methods for the sensitive detection and enumeration Vibrio parahaemolyticus - DBT
  • Pathogens, Public Health and food safety : Development of loop mediated isothermal amplification assays for rapid and sensitive detection of major food born pathogens in India - DST
  • Biocontrol of pathogenic vibrio parahaemolyticus in shrimp culture systems using bacteriophages - DST-SERB
  • Rnases and cancer: decoding the role of Poly (A) -Specific ribonuclease (PARN) in tumorigenesis - DST
  • Deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in hematopoietic perturbation induced by environmental chemical(s) using Drosophila as an animal model - DST-SERB
  • Prevalence and Impact of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria of Non-Human Origin (Associated with Aquaculture and Livestock practices) on Human Health Management - ICMR
  • Defence genes of tiger shrimps with respect to bacteria and white spot virus infection - DST - BELSPO (Indo-Belgian)
  • Lessons for the future: Qualifying and quantifying South Asia's first widespread ciguatera poisoning outbreak - NERC, UK
  • Investigating the Mechanisms of Genetic Disorders using the zebrafish model system (GEN-ZEMO) - Indo-Belgian

Intramural grants to support faculty researchers

Apply for NUFR/NUSR Grants (2022) here

Intramural Grants for Student Scholars

  • NU PhD Fellowships (NUSR1 grants)
  • NU Short Term Undergraduate Fellowship Award (NUSR2 grants)

See NitteDU Research Support policy for details