Vision and Mission of NITTE (Deemed to be University)

Vision & Mission

To build a humane society through excellence in education and health care
To develop NITTE as a Centre of Excellence imparting quality education, generating competent, skilled manpower to face the scientific and social challenges, with a high degree of credibility, integrity, ethical standards and social concern

Core values & Graduate Attributes

Core values
  • 1. Quest for learning and discovery
    We value
    • a. Excellence in learner centered education
    • b. Innovation, research and scholarship that empowers society

  • 2. Spirit of scientific inquiry and reform
    We value
    • a. Fostering of a scientific temper
    • b. Openness to change

  • 3. Integrity and professionalism
    We value
    • a. Ethical behavior in personal and professional spheres of life
    • b. Truthfulness, fairness and sense of duty

  • 4. Respect and Social Compassion
    We value
    • a. Promoting equality, respect for diversity, trust and humility
    • b. Instilling a sense of social responsibility through education
Graduate Attributes
Graduate Attributes based on Vision, Mission and Core Values are stated as follows:
The graduates of NITTE are
  • 1. Proficient in their discipline with the depth of knowledge, degree of skill and the passion required to excel
  • 2. Life-long learners ready to face future scientific and technological challenges
  • 3. Ethical in their professional and personal lives
  • 4. Infused with a sense of social responsibility
  • 5. Humane, credible and compassionate individuals