Research Support and Incentives

NITTE (Deemed to be University) is committed to create an academic environment that is conducive for research and thereby cultivate a scientific temper in its faculty and students.

The NU Research Support and Incentive Program pursues this goal through the following broad actions:

  • Offer financial support to encourage faculty members to initiate research projects that have the potential to gain extramural funding
  • Strengthen the Ph.D program by offering fellowships to meritorious candidates and financial support for their thesis related research
  • Encourage undergraduate / post-graduate student research through short-term fellowships and linkage with research grants
  • Encourage research productivity and instil quality consciousness through an incentive program for faculty
Type of grant: NUFR1

(Seed money for first time researchers under age of 40 years)
Number of grants awarded061117
Total amount sanctioned51000010550001565000
Type of Grant: NUFR2

(Support grant for short-term research projects)
Number of grants awarded142135
Total amount sanctioned182500022870004112000
Type of Grant: NUSR2 (Support for short term Undergraduate students research projects)
Number of grants awarded065056
Total amount sanctioned49600361600411200