Linguistic and Cultural Enrichment

Centre for Studies in Tulu Culture

NITTE has established the Centre for Tulu Studies for research work on Tulu heritage and regional culture. Tulu is the first off shoot of Proto South Dravidian language and one among the 'Pancha Dravida' languages along with Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam.

Initiatives of the Centre:

  • 'Tulu Jnatipadakosha' - A Dravidian Cognate Dictionary  Click here to view
  • Spoken Tulu classes to new learners
  • Collection and Restoration of Tuluva artifacts
  • Establishment of Tulu library
  • Compilation of Tri-lingual English- Kannada-Tulu Dictionary
  • Guidance to research scholars
  • Guest lectures on Tulu related themes

For further details, contact Dr. Sayeegeetha (


Center for Studies on North Eastern States

  • NAMASTE - North East States of Nagaland, Assam, Mehgalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunacahal Pradesh, Sikkim and Tripura
  • Exchange of culture, tradition, arts and music
  • Certificate Programs in select dialects of North East states
  • Facilitating Exchange Programs for faculty and students
  • Creating Academic Opportunities for the underprivileged students from NAMASTE states

Scholarships for students from NAMASTE states

The University has introduced the NITTE - NAMASTE Scholarship Program in 2018-19 to provide scholarships to meritorious but economically backward students especially women students hailing from the North-Eastern states of India. The north-eastern region of India is traditionally underrepresented in Higher Education Institutions across India. This scholarship initiative was introduced in support of Government of India’s scheme named “Ishan Uday” for supporting students of north-east states.
Academic Year Scholarships Awarded (Full tuition-fee waiver)
  Male students Female students Total
2018-19 3 7 10
2019-20 0 12 12
2020-21 1 10 11