The Nitte Rural Psychiatric Centre

The Nitte Rural Psychiatric Centre was established in September 2007 at Nitte, to address the issue of lack of psychiatric services in the Coastal part of Karnataka. With the guidance of Dr. Naveenchandra Shetty, a retired consultant psychiatrist with 4 decades of experience in the field of mental health in Australia, the Centre supports, treats and provides community care to the mentally ill along with psychosocial and occupational rehabilitation. In 2013, Nitte Rural Psychiatric Centre moved to a spacious building. The ground floor has psychiatry outpatient services, general medical outpatient services, casualty, minor operation theatre and laboratory. The lower ground floor has dental centre and the 'Thudar' Rehabilitation Centre. The Department of Psychiatry, K.S. Hegde Medical Academy runs the centre.

Services offered

  • Daily OPD services by Specialist Psychiatrist
  • 3500+ registered beneficiaries
  • Free treatment and free medications
  • Referral services to teaching hospitals
  • In-house Psychologist and Counselors
  • House visits for ensuring follow-up
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Rehabilitation and Day care centre

Thudar Rehabilitation Centre

  • Free day care and rehabilitation services
  • Free transport for beneficiaries
  • Training in vocational activities like making greeting cards, jewellery, cooking, tailoring and gardening

International Conferences in Rural Psychiatry