Danta Bhagya Yojane

A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, constituent college of Nitte DU is a pioneer in executing ‘Danta Bhagya Yojane’ of the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services, Government of Karnataka, in association with National Health Mission and National Oral Health Programme of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of India.

Recognition from Govt. of Karnataka
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Unique Same Day Denture Camps

Geriatric fully edentulous patients face a big challenge as treatment facilities are not available in rural areas. Moreover, it also requires multiple visits by the patients to the dental clinic. In order to facilitate this, single day denture fit in camps are organised wherein the Specialists in the field of Prosthodontics visit these patients at their village and treat them by providing complete denture prosthesis, in a single day free of cost.

A team of Faculty, Post Graduate students, Interns, Under Graduate students, Dental Technicians and Electricians from the Department of Prosthodontics, comprising of 60 to 80 members, carry with them all the required materials & equipments and successfully conduct denture camps in rural areas, in association with the local organisations. The treatment would start in the morning by 9 a.m following all the standard protocols. Fit and insertion of complete denture Prosthesis would be done by 6 p.m.

All the treated cases will be recalled for review after 48 hours. Patients will be examined by a group of Faculty and Post Graduate students. The complete dentures are examined for retention, stability, aesthetics, signs of pain, inflammation and any other complaint by the patients. All the initial problems of the patients are addressed.

The biggest challenge is completion of treatment in a single day which requires meticulous planning and capability to render & deliver complete denture prosthesis involving multiple steps, which otherwise requires at least five appointments for completion.

Nerekere Kshema

A project for total community development of Nitte, Mukka & Sasihithlu villages by bringing the economically and socially marginalized, to the mainstream of the society, has been embarked upon by NITTE. Various schemes pertaining to health, education, housing and self-employment have been implemented to ensure a better quality of life for the people of the community around. Aptly this project is christened as Nerekere Kshema meaning well-being of neighbourhood.

Various activities taken up:

  • Comprehensive primary health care
  • Free / subsidized referral services at the multi-speciality K.S Hegde Hospital
  • School and Educational Support
  • Vocational Training and Employment
  • Housing
  • Drinking water Supply and Water-shed management
  • Orphanages and resettlement of displaced children
  • Infrastructure support to government and other schools

Medical and Dental Health Camps

  • Each year, hundreds of general health, specialty health and dental health camps are organized at various locations within Karnataka and neighbouring states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Free screening, treatment and referral services are offered. Health awareness and promotional activities are also conducted through these camps.
  • Many of these camps are conducted in collaboration with National/ International Professional bodies such as the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Dental Association (IDA), International College of Dentists’ (Section VI) and Indian Red Cross Society.
  • Mobile Dental Clinics and Single Denture camps have made dental care accessible in remote areas

Collaboration with NGOs for free vision testing and distribution of free spectacles
Department of Ophthalmology and Community Medicine of K. S. Hegde Medical Academy has collaborated with Lions Club International, Mulki to conduct vision (eye sight) testing camps for the general public in neighbouring communities. Specialists performed screening for refractory errors and cataract. About 280 persons were screened in these camps and 124 received free corrective spectacles. Nearly 50 participants were referred for more detailed hospital-based investigations for cataract.

Link Report of outreach activities for year 2020

Special Care Services

  • Nethra Jyothi - Rural Eye Care Services
  • Sahara - Free health check-up for Senior Citizens
  • KSHEMA Sandhya - Geriatric Day Care Facility
  • Manasadhara - Psychiatry rehabilitation center with support from Govt. of Karnataka
  • N-SPECC (Nitte Special Children Care) - Free multidisciplinary health care to children with special health care
  • NICAT - Nitte Integrated Care for Tribal Community
  • Sanchalana - subsidized diagnostic services and joint replacement program for arthritis and sports injuries
  • Sanjeevini - Blood Donor Registry
  • Bone Marrow Registry in collaboration with BMC Alumni Society
  • Community de-addiction camps
  • Free embalming facilities

Participation in National Health Programs

National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP)
A DOTS Centre has been established at the Justice K.S. Hegde Charitable Hospital for testing of Tuberculosis and distribution of ATT (Anti-tubercular Drugs) to the patients suffering from Tuberculosis.

National AIDS Control Organization (NACO)
Justice K.S Hegde Hospital has an ICTC (Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre) under NACO (National AIDS Control Organization) for testing of HIV and distribution of ART (Anti-retroviral treatment) to the patients suffering from HIV/AIDS.

National Programme for Prevention & Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke (NPCDCS)
Anti-hypertensive and Anti-hyperglycaemic drugs are distributed free of cost under NPCDCS programme in RHCs. Furthermore, outreach camps are conducted at the RHTCs and UHTCs for screening, diagnosis & treatment of non-communicable diseases in the community.

Intensified Mission Indradhanush 2.0 (IMI 2.0)
Postgraduates were appointed as external monitors by the World Health Organization (Dakshina Kannada District Office) to assess the immunization status of children under 2 years of age and pregnant mothers in Intensified Mission Indradhanush districts in order to identify the unvaccinated and improve the vaccination coverage of children especially at high risk. Furthermore, immunizing technique of the staff administering the vaccine was monitored in order to ensure correct immunization practic.

National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP)
A Dengue survey was conducted from-15.06.2020-20.6.2020 under the guidance of professor and associated professor along with postgraduates and interns of the Dept. of Community Medicine. The areas screened were, KSHEMA campus, Nitte institute of Physiotherapy, Nursing hostel, KSHEMA Girls and Boys Hostel Justice K.S Hegde Hospital, A.B Shetty Dental College & the Paneer campus. 13 mosquitoes breeding sites were identified wherein two sites had larvae present. Preventive measures were recommended and implemented following the survey.