Dr. Navdeep Barwal

Principal & Professor

NITTE Institute of Professional education


Department: BBA
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Joining Date: 01-08-2023

Educational Qualification: M. Com., MBA, CFA (ICFAI), CAIIB, Ph. D.

Past Experience:
Industry Experience: 11 Years
Teaching Experience: 14 Years

Subjects Handled:
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Banking Law and Practise, Indian Financial System, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and other Finance and banking related subjects

Dr. Navdeep Barwal is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of expertise in banking and academia. With an impressive educational background, he holds an MBA, CFA, CAIIB, and a Ph.D. in banking. His rich and diverse career spans over 25 years, encompassing both the banking industry and the academic realm.

During his 10-year tenure in the industry, Dr. Barwal made significant contributions to renowned financial institutions, including ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank. His roles were varied and included positions such as Personal Banker, Operations Manager, and Branch Manager. This hands-on experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of banking operations and customer relations.

Transitioning to academia, Dr. Barwal has spent the past 15 years sharing his extensive knowledge with eager learners. He has been instrumental in shaping the minds of aspiring banking and finance professionals through his teaching of various courses. These courses cover a wide spectrum, including Principles of Banking, Banking Law and Practices, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, and Financial Planning.

Dr. Barwal's intellectual pursuits extend beyond the classroom, as evidenced by his impactful research endeavors. His primary research areas revolve around stock markets, working capital management, and personal financial planning. His dedication to advancing knowledge is reflected in his numerous research papers on these subjects, contributing valuable insights to the academic and financial communities.

Dr. Barwal assumed the role of Principal at NIPE in Aug 2023, a testament to his exceptional leadership and his commitment to driving educational excellence. With his extensive background in both industry and academia, Dr. Barwal brings a wealth of practical experience and theoretical insights to his current position, positioning NIPE for continued growth and success under his guidance.