A Technical Talk on Latest Trends in Medical Technologies

Mar 21, 2023

The Dept. of Student Welfare & Alumni Relations, Nitte University and Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering, NMAMIT, Nitte jointly organised a Technical Talk on Latest Trends in Medical Technologies on 16th March 2023. Mr. Hareesha Prabhu, Strategy & Transformation Leader, Philips Innovation, Bengaluru was the resource person for the event.

Mr. Prabhu provided an overview of the role of engineers in the medical field and explained some of the latest trends in medical technologies, such as wearable technology & devices, telemedicine, application of AI in medical technology, robotics etc. He emphasized that these technologies have the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency in healthcare delivery and reduce costs.

Dr. Prasanna R Kailaje, Director (Student Welfare & Alumni Relations), Nitte DU, Dr. KVSSSS Sairam, Professor & Head, Dept. of ECE and students from the Departments of CSE, ISE & ECE attended the program.