ECE (Advanced Communication Technology)




    4 Years

B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering (Advanced Communication Technology) {B.Tech in ECE (ACT)} is an AICTE approved programme focusing on ‘Skilling India for Next Generation Telecom Technologies’. This programme is a specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering with an emphasis on Data Communication and Telecommunication technologies. This is to provide expertise to those students who seek specialization in Device-to-Device Communication and Next-Gen Telecommunication standards.

The main focus of the ECE (ACT) programme is on Communication Networks, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, 5G, WiFi 6, IoT, Network Security, Information Technology and Advanced Communication Technologies. The course also covers foundation subjects in Computer Science, Programming and Application development. A strong emphasis is placed throughout the course on developing the practical skills and on the in-depth knowledge that are required by today’s industries.

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