Nitte solid waste management plant

Oct 23, 2022

Nitte (Deemed to be University) aims to make its Deralakatte campus near Mangalore a zero waste campus by establishing the Nitte Solid Waste Management Plant (Resource Recovery Point and Hermi Compost Unit) on October 23.

Nitte used to send over one tonne of dry and wet waste generated on campus every day to an outside agency employing four people. Twelve people work at the new plant, which works more affordably than the previous one. Through the use of black soldier flies, wet waste is composted into manure.

Dry trash was divided, bagged, and given to end customers for recycling. Therefore, the facility built at Deralakatte could act as a model for others, including Mangalore City Corporation, which could use the technology for waste segregation.

Nitte Chancellor N. Vinay Hegde stated that the waste management plant would serve as a model even for university students. Waste segregation at the source will assure scientific management. He asked the Ramakrishna Mission to continue the Swachh Mangalore Campaign, providing necessary help.