Martyrs day trekking expedition - Makkiparla, Ujire

Feb 13, 2022

To commemorate the sacrifice of the 40 brave hearts who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack, the Student Council of 2021 in association with the NSS Unit, ABSMIDS organized 'Martyrs Day Trekking Expedition' to Makkiparla, Ujire situated 60 km from the college premises on 13th February 2022. The expedition was envisioned under the guidance of Dean, Prof. (Dr.) US Krishna Nayak, organised by Prof. (Dr.) Rahul Bhandary (Dean - Student Welfare) with the support of Dr. Avaneendra Talwar (NSS Coordinator ABSMIDS), Ms. Diya Shetty (President -Student Union 2021), Dr. Aditya Shetty, Dr. Ganesh Bhatt and Dr. Bharath Kumar. 65 students along with faculty undertook the 5-hour long trek which was guided by the forest experts.

The trek was executed with the aim of spreading the message - 'Remember the Fallen' and to pay tribute to the gallant 40 soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Pulwama attack. It was designed to evoke the spirit of patriotism among the staff & students. The trek also served as an excellent platform to interact with the native communities of the forest land and learn about their lifestyle as well as spread awareness about the importance of oral hygiene and general well-being practices.

The commemorative trek was no less than a spectacular experience offered to the students. Treading the meandering pathway of the verdant forests paved by the fallen leaves, the students experienced peace & joy in the laps of mother nature. They appreciated the exotic as well as indigenous species of plants around the wildlife reserve. Nature clad in her best attire throughout the walkway eased the weariness of the physically demanding climb. The crisscrossing water streams made the trek all the more rewarding. Like the young representatives of Swachh Bharat Mission, the students made sure that the ecosystem of the trek terrain was well-maintained and picked up disposables while going uphill.

The expedition was indeed an eye-opener for the students. The trek made them realize how our brave troopers survive the storm, sand and snow with unflinching resolve, for the safety of their countrymen every day. It was indeed a wholesome and enriching experience that will linger in the minds of the young trekkers of ABSMIDS forever!