News from NUCSER | A beach clean-up session

Feb 28, 2021

As a part of the Swachh Bharath Mission, Adhyetha, the Alumni Association of NUCSER, organized a beach clean-up session on Sunday, 28th Feb 2021 at Someshwar Beach, Mangaluru. A team of 30 volunteers including faculty members joined hands in cleaning up a stretch of the most popular area of the beach. The team collected all kinds of trash from the beach and the parking areas, and plastic items contributed the most.

It was a productive Sunday morning, where the participants did their bit in making our beaches clean and beautiful. The team also came up with a few eco-friendly tips for everyone to follow in order to reduce the pollution of our oceans. These tips include - opting for ice cream cones instead of cups to reduce the use of plastic spoons and cups, going for e-bills instead of customer copies while swiping cards, to go for refills instead of single use pens, to leave the ends of packed chips, cookies, milk packets hanging rather than cutting it off, to reduce plastic pollution.