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Placement Collaborations

This placement portal automates the placement process at the college. The employers can use this portal to communicate with the College Placement Office and through necessary permissions manage campus recruitment and hire students and alumni online. Employer can register here. Students and alumni can now access the placement office, college related news, search jobs and access information to help enhance career and advance their skills.

Pharmacy as a career
Pharmacy is a noble profession and plays a vital role in community health along with medical, dental, nursing and other paramedical professions. The pharmacy professional is well versed in the manufacturing and testing of drugs, research and development, patient counseling and community service. In terms of volume, Indian pharmaceutical industry is 3rd largest and in terms of value ranks 14th in the world. The exports of pharmaceutical drugs registered 29% growth in 2008-09.

India has registered phenomenal growth in bulk drug export, formations, pre-clinical and clinical trials etc. Soon, The Indian pharmaceutical industry will emerge as the major player in the world.

Career openings for a pharmacist range from community pharmacist (both retail and wholesale dispensing of drugs), hospital pharmacist, production and quality control, scientists in the pharmaceutical industry, personnel in drug administrative service, teaching and research, clinical research and marketing.

Pharmacy students will be studying Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Microbiology and bio Technology, Human anatomy, Biochemistry etc. which give them a broad base. In Post-graduate they can focus on any of the areas of their choice.

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