Department of Mass Communication & journalism

About Us

NICO is nestled in picturesque greens of Paneer, Mangalore, Nitte University’s serene campus about a dozen kilometers away from Mangalore.

NICO’s students have access to a state-of-the-art Broadcast Studio, Print Design, TV Editing & Web Design labs, expansive library, wi-fi campus and fully-digital facilities for professional education & research in the area of communication and journalism. The curriculum is fully in tune with the needs of a student who wishes to serve the modern media industry and society.

Nitte & Mangalore: Two of a kind

NICO is in Mangalore, a microcosm of India. Seeped in Jain traditions, the city’s multicultural milieu is dotted with temples, mosques and ornate churches, a unique mix of the East and the West. With a populace dependent on sea food and hospitality industry, the city is also a throbbing education, technology and tourism metropolis, radiant with creative energy.

Mangalore is equally at ease speaking different languages. Students from various states of India and abroad are completely at home visiting Mangalore’s bustling malls, movie halls and markets speaking English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu, Konkani or Malayalam. No matter where they are from, as NICO’s students they have an opportunity to explore and study in depth India’s contrasts and confluences across a range of issues and human development indices. Given its baffling paradoxes, the city makes NICO an ideal destination to pursue media studies.

NICO’s media students will also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with Nitte’s doctors and students of medicine as they undertake health camps and outreach programmes to get a first hand exposure to grass root issues of primary education, women’s health, urban-rural divide as also the state of delivery systems across a range of human development indices. All this helps NICO’s students develop into perceptive, well-informed and sensitive media professionals.

Nitte’s Commitment To remain wedded to the social causes that media is expected to espouse, however, also needs promoters who fully appreciate and remain committed to media’s role in society. For those unfamiliar with Nitte, the University is managed by a Trust started by Justice K S Hegde, former Judge of Supreme Court of India and Speaker of Lok Sabha.