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Group study is good to improve your knowledge

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, we all have heard this famous phrase. Basically, it’s for all of us. We all have some subjects that we are fond of, and some for which we always need a helping hand. And what better than having a helping hand of your own friends? We at NITTE University, strongly believe that group study delivers favorable results in context of academics, networking and great learning. In order to achieve the desired results, having an active group is a must. As it ensures positive and encouraging vibes, discipline and a healthy competition. Following are the top reasons that will prove the point that group study is good to improve knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of the subject
    Studying in groups encourages active participation of each and every member. This leads to intense discussions on the subject matter or a particular topic, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject. There may be some topics which you find difficult, but your friend has a good grip over the context. In this way, group study helps you to understand important topics. Also there are situations, where other members of the group may ask the same doubts that you also have. In such cases, group study drives exchange of ideas, learning and knowledge. Learning varies from person to person. If you have an active group with like-minded people, it becomes easy to have a discussion and understand the topics.

  • Different mindset
    One of the biggest advantages of group study is that it helps you in building new perspectives. It makes you look at the same context from a different view point, which is not possible when you are studying alone. Getting stuck to a single topic, which you are not able to crack, results in waste of time and effort, leaving you demotivated and distracted. This is why NITTE encourages students to have group study as members get a chance to ask questions from each other, as everyone has a different perspective, which further helps you to improve your critical thinking skills.

  • Team work
    Group study is no less than an experience of working in a team. Like in any other team, the desired results can only be achieved when each and every member contributes, same is the case for group study. Group study will definitely help you in dealing and managing with people. Although some may see this as a disadvantage of group study, if you look at a larger picture, group study helps you to work collaboratively. Also, while dealing with other members, it helps you to explore your strengths and weaknesses. Such learning helps you to perform better and manage people better, once you start your job.

  • Eliminate procrastination
    Scene 1: I’ll start studying at 4pm.
    Scene 2: Oh it's already 4:10pm. I’ll start at 5pm, now.
    This is a usual scene of procrastination, when we decide to study alone. This leads to waste of time and distraction. One of the most effective ways to overcome the challenge of procrastination is to opt for group study. This will keep you motivated and also, you will be able to concentrate more on your studies. There may be some group members who are very particular with time and studies. Grouping with such peers will help you to put in more effort and achieve more.

  • Comfortable surroundings
    The setup for group study is very relaxing and, just as the way you feel comfortable in. This helps to sink in the mood to concentrate and study. You feel more free and fresh to study in a location where you are comfortable studying. All you need is a group of like-minded people to start off with your studies with. May it be a cafe, a library or your friend’s home, you will enjoy studying with like-minded people, which will ensure easy and quick understanding of the concepts.

  • Helps you bond better
    Friends who study together, stay together. Well, we can’t deny the fact that through every thick and thin, we need our gang around us. Then why not during exams? No matter how your mood is, your friends are there to cheer you up and motivate you to be more and better. Group study leads to a strong bond which may also turn out to be a long lasting friendship.

  • Personal development
    Apart from good academic results, group study helps you in your personal development. It strengthens your problems solving skills, communication, teaches you to be a team player, makes you more disciplined and punctual, and also teaches you to be prepared well in advance. It makes you more considerate towards studies and also your peers. It makes you a team builder, responsible and accountable for your actions.

NITTE College has always encouraged the students to adopt the idea of group study with the right set of peers, as it helps in your academic and personal growth. It ensures better understanding of the concepts, which eventually results in securing good grades. This has a direct impact on your future career path of getting merit, scholarships and internships, once you are graduated. An effective group plays a very important role in ensuring the success or failure of the group study. Keeping in mind all the point discussed above, following are few points that should be considered before choosing your study group:
  • The group size must not be more than 6 members. This is because management of big groups becomes an issue, due to which everyone has to face the consequences.
  • Regular meet-ups are important in order to ensure the flow of studies.
  • The group must have a leader who shall keep an account of the topics to be covered, location and time to meet up and study.
  • As we live in a digitized world, you and your group can also choose to opt for certain online apps and technologies to facilitate group study.