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Best Ways to Deal with Stress during Exams

The exam season is an important phase in every student’s college life. Stress is inevitable for any student during exams, but it can be dealt with properly so it does not become a hindrance in one’s preparation. NITTE, a top university in Karnataka, takes great interest in the well-being of students and tries to provide a stress-free environment to students.

We at NITTE (Deemed to beUniversity), make sure that there is a system where students are continuously evaluated, reducing their stress during the final examination. A good state of mind is important to deal with the pressure of examinations and the following tips will help students during this crucial time.

1. Taking breaks
To keep the monotony away and increase your focus on the subject, it is important to have little breaks when you study. This will boost your ability to grasp and understand the subject.

2.Include fun things in your schedule
It is important to study hard during exams, but equally important to include some fun stuff in your packed exam schedule, to bring in some freshness. NITTE students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that give them a break from studies. Giving some time to personal interests and hobbies acts as a stress buster.

3. Maintain a task book
Keep a task book handy so that you can set yourself a few goals and then work towards them. Writing it all down helps in being better organised.

4. Counselling and mentorship
It is important to have someone you can bank on talk to. Students at NITTE are assigned a mentor who assists them in academics and otherwise. NITTE (Deemed to be University) conducts student support programs that addresses the psychological needs of students.

5. Clear the clutter in your room
To have a clear and fresh mind, it is important to keep your surroundings clean and organized. Clean your room and store your things methodically.

6. Stress-free activities
  • Go on a walk Being in tune with nature is the best way to deal with stress. An early morning walk will boost your energy levels and give all the motivation you need during the exam season.
  • Listen to calm music Listening to soothing music will help you calm down and reduce your stress. All you need is a playlist that will consist of soothing music and motivational songs that will give an instant lift to your mood.
  • Get sufficient amount of sleep Irregular and insufficient sleep with the excuse of studying for long hours will only cause harm. Have a healthy sleeping pattern for good memory and retention.

7. Time management techniques
There are various time management techniques that you can apply to ensure that you properly manage time and complete your goals and tasks on time. One such technique is Pomodoro, where a timer is used to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Several apps are also available to help you manage time better.

8. Maintain a Journal
Journaling is an effective technique to get rid of your stress and anxiety, especially during exams. Write down all your worries and thoughts and get done with it. This will help clear your mind and will let you focus on your studies.

9. Use positive affirmations.
Using positive affirmations will reduce your adrenaline levels and calm you down. You can use the following positive affirmations to feel energized:
  • I can score good marks in the exam
  • I am getting better every day

10. Deep breathing exercises
Meditation and deep breathing can be very effective in dealing with exam stress. It is scientifically proven that deep breathing exercises reduce your cortisol levels. Look up for online tutorials on meditation and breathing exercises and you will see a great improvement on practicing them regularly.

Following the above tips will give you a whole new perspective and help you handle stress better. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself and strive for progress, rather than perfection.

We at NITTE, envision a student life that is filled with beautiful experiences that is beyond examinations and grades and encourage a learning environment that is fun-filled and stress free.

Tips to Stay Organized in College
College life comes with the freedom to explore and take on responsibilities. It is difficult for students to balance their studies and extra-curricular activities. So, it is important for every student to stay organized in college, to make the most of their college days. We at NITTE (Deemed to be University) one of the best universities in Karnataka, have various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities planned for students, encouraging them to move out of their comfort zone and explore something new. To get the best college experience, it is essential to plan and stay organized. Here are some tips to stay organized in college:

1. Make a daily planner.
There are various planner apps that you can use to efficiently manage your life at college. You can write down tasks, events and notes to keep up to date with your daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can also keep a small notebook for the same, instead of a mobile app. All these activities will help you improve your time management skills.

2. Keep track of the syllabi
It is important for a student to stay updated on the course structure and syllabus. Note down all the important guidelines your teachers give you about the semester and keep track of the syllabi.

3. Sticky notes and colour coding
This is in addition to the Planner app. It helps you meet your deadlines and reminds you of important tasks. You can get colourful sticky notes that you can use as reminders for various personal and academic goals and events. Colour coding is also an effective way to organize your notes and files. Determine various categories of information you need to file and then assign a particular colour to each category.

You can also keep different coloured books for different subjects, assign different colours for different kind of tasks and events. This helps you locate information easily.

4. Form a study group
Having a study group is a great way to foster a learning community and help each other during assignments and exams, clear doubts and share knowledge. At NITTE (Deemed to be University), students are provided with a knowledge sharing environment that helps them bond with other students for quality discussions.

5. Keep your room clean
Keeping your room clean and organized helps you find things without any struggle and keeps your things from going missing. A cluttered room results in a cluttered mind, causing distractions. Spend few minutes every day cleaning your room and organizing things. See how this simple step makes your life easy.

6. Bullet Journal
Maintaining a bullet Journal is also an effective way to stay organized. You can make your to-do lists and assess the progress of your tasks and goals with the help of a bullet journal. You can be very creative with your journaling and use different templates. It is very helpful in tracking short-term and long-term goals.

7. Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness is a way to stay attentive in the present and not be consumed by thoughts of the past and worries of the future. Practising mindfulness helps in clearing your mind and lets you completely focus on the current moment. To cope with all the madness in this chaotic world and stop overthinking, practice mindfulness.

By practising the above techniques, you will see a significant improvement in your productivity and performance in college. At NITTE's engineering colleges, students go through a lot of academic training, including personal growth sessions. This makes it imperative for students of NITTE (Deemed to be University) to stay ahead in everything they do.

It is possible to lose focus and get distracted once in a while, but with a proper plan and by tracking your progress, you can come out a winner.