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Department of Pharmaceutics

“Competency in areas like Novel drug delivery system-NDDS, Pharmacokinetic studies, Regulatory affairs etc makes the postgraduate students with specialization in pharmaceutics the first choice of the industry”.

The Department currently runs three postgraduate programs - M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics, M.Pharm in Drug Regulatory Affairs and M.Pharm in Quality Assurance.

M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics
Department of Pharmaceutics provides cutting-edge research opportunities in an up-close and personal environment. The graduate students get an opportunity to conduct original research related to Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS). The infrastructure is equipped with a nanoscience lab and all the high end equipments like Lyophilizer, Rotary Flash Evaporator, Centrifuge, High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC), and Homogenizers with highly qualified staff that guides the students and keep them updated about the latest trends in pharmaceutical technology. The pharmaceutical industry provides opportunities for pharmacists in the fields of research, formulation and development, production, quality control, quality assurance and marketing.

The students have the opportunity to pursue their program of study that is directed toward meeting individual career objectives in the area of pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics and drug delivery, including nanotechnology. The department is equipped with three state-of-the-art undergraduate and three postgraduate laboratories and a pilot plant. The pilot plant facility includes equipment and machines such as mixer, granulator, tray dryer, 10-station rotary compression machine, homogenizer, Probsonicator, Particle size analyzer, freeze dryer, coating pan, size reduction mills, Brook Field viscometer and stability chamber to deal with dosage development including liquid orals, ointments, creams, gels, powders, capsules, tablets, novel and nanoparticulate drug delivery systems.

M.Pharm in Regulatory Affairs
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs professionals are responsible for developing, compiling, and filing documentation required to support the licensing and approval of pharmaceutical drugs. In this program, the students are trained to acquire specialized knowledge and practical skills required to function as a Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs professional in the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

PG course started in 1991
Intake: M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)-15
M.Pharm (Regulatory Affairs) 12
PhDs completed-15
External Funded project-10
NU funded project - 5
Collaborative projects completed - 51
Publication in indexed journals (last 5 years) -146

Thrust areas of research:
The Departments research activities focus on formulation science and drug delivery, with particular emphasis in the following areas: Novel and targeted drug delivery systems such as Liposomes, Niosomes and Vesicular drug delivery systems, Transdermal drug delivery system, mouth dispersible and unfolding films for oral administration, In Situ gel drug delivery systems, Micro and Nano particulate drug delivery system in the treatment of periodontitis.