Mangalore (Tulu:Kudla, Kannada:Mangaluru, Konkani:Kodial, Beary:Maikala) is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bound by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghat mountain ranges, Mangalore is the administrative headquarters of the Dakshina Kannada (formerly South Canara) district in southwestern Karnataka.

Mangalore is an important city in Karnataka and is situated on the west coast. After integration, the city is developing fast in all directions viz. in the field of education, industry and commerce. The city is located in the confluence of Nethravathi and Gurupura rivers. It is bound in the east by the Western Ghats and in the west by the Arabian Sea. Three National Highways viz., NH-17 linking Panvel and Kanyakumari, NH-48 linking Mangalore and Bangalore, NH-13 linking Mangalore and Solapur pass through the city. A domestic Airport is located at Bajpe, which is 15 km from city connecting it to Mumbai and Bangalore.The name Mangalore is the anglicised version of Mangaluru, the name for the city in the local Kannada language. The Malayalam language variant of the same is Mangalapuram. One of the earliest references to this name is made by Pandya King Chettian, who called the city as Managalapuram in 715 AD. Yet another historical reference is by the 11th century Arabian traveler Ibn Batuta, whose chronicles refer to Mangalore as Manjarur. This variation in spelling is attributed to the pronunciation gap between and Arabic and the local language.

The present generations are well educated and know to differentiate between right and wrong. There are famous doctors, engineers, businessmen, and many more who are doing exceptionally well in their professional areas, who belong to Mangalore.

The place is known for decent, educated, brilliant, and helpful people. Also, it is known for awesome food, religious places, colorful festive celebrations and scenic beauty.